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Volontariate im Altai-Gebirge

We would appreciate your assistance in informing your students and colleagues about the internship programs that we’ll run in Novosibirsk and in the Altai mountains in summer. Please share this information with your students and colleagues, as this is an excellent opportunity that is not to be missed.
Educational Center "Cosmopolitan", Novosibirsk, Russia, offers vacancies available for the summer internship program at the children's camps that we will be running in the beautiful Altai Mountains and in the delightful countryside just outside Novosibirsk, the administrative capital of Siberia and the centre of Russia.
These positions are open to university students. No previous teaching experience is required. Interning at our camp, your students will gain valuable skills and experience for their future profession while being immersed in the Russian culture and having intensive practice in the Russian language.
Our programs are based on sound and long experience. We have been running our educational and cultural programs for more than 15 years. Representatives of more than 30 different countries of the world have become participants of our programs.
It is a fact that many students and teachers return to our programs year after year as testament to the success of the program. Please help us spread the word about this excellent internship opportunity to your students and colleagues. Thank you for your support!
For more information please contact the Director Natalia Bodrova or with any questions and application inquiries.
Natalia Bodrova,
Director of the Educational Center "Cosmopolitan",
Novosibirsk, Russia


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