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Sprachschule "My Russian" in Krasnojarsk


The location of Krasnoyarsk city is very convenient, because it is in the Centre of Siberia. The region is famous for its unique mountains, forests, the powerful Yenisey river and the national park Stolby. Besides, from Krasnoyarsk you can travel to the North to enjoy fishing and traditional crafts of the Northern people, to the South  to see the famous Khakassian lakes or national park Ergaki, to the East  to visit Baikal lake, Buryatia.


Course conditions 
    minimum course length is 1 week
    all levels are available (absolutely beginner – advanced, TRKI preparation, business, technical Russian etc.)
    course operate all year around 
    number of a group participants: 2-4
    duration of classes: 4 academic hours Monday - Friday 
    average duration of the course (one level): 3-5 weeks
    average age of participants: 20-80
    fee of 70 euros is non-refundable for all enrollments 
Karl Marks street,78a, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia 660049 or directly write to (Tatyana Shubina, the head of the school)

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