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Online Grammatikunterstützung

Grammatica turns any Russian text into learning material

Betonung und Formenstudium in Texten

Probeversion für österreichische Russischlehrer

Grammatica is an online text editor for learning the Russian language. You can copy any text into Grammatica, and instantly see stress marks and grammar tables with all inflected forms of words.
Stress marks help you get your pronunciation right, and grammar tables help you understand how to correctly apply the Russian grammar to any verb, noun or adjective.
Grammatica also helps you write in Russian by transliterating Latin letters into Cyrillics. As you type, Grammatica suggests words and helps you choose the correctly inflected form of any word.
Grammatica can highlight words in your text based on their grammatical properties. For example, highlight all nouns, or all feminine nouns, or all feminine nouns in the accusative case.
See examples of these features - and much more - at


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